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To the persons who are involved pharmaceutical companies, food  companies and cosmetic companies


Our company is the only one company in the world which is able to determine changes in activities of autonomic nerves innervating each organ and tissue of rats and mice by electrophysiological method. This technology was originally established by late Professor Akira Niijima (Professor Emeritus of Niigata University, 1921-2015). However, this technique is very difficult to be mastered. Under the direction and training by Professor Akira Niijima, we could fortunately obtain this technique.

Thus, would you please let us examine functions of drugs, foods, cosmetics, essential oils  and their possible original materials by this technology?  
Katsuya Nagai, MD PhD
Professor Emeritus Osaka University
President of ANBAS Corporation

If you have any questions or inquiries for us, please send them through our contact form below.

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FAX: +81-6-6486-1081

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